Accident Compensation Corporation
Client Transformation Data Workstream
November 2017  to February 2018

I lead a multiple phase review of the impact on critical business data as a result of the organisational wide implementation of the  Client Transformation programme.

Phase 1 resulted in a recommended approach and roadmap for implementation,  Phase 2 resulted in a successful Proof of Concept of a Big Data Vault.

Phase 1

Lead a team to deliver an impact analysis, identifying the rate and type of changes to data, analytics and reporting content that will occur as part of a large transformation programme.

Used a combination of Information Products, BEAM, Data Vault, Usage Auditing and Stakeholder Assessment to identify the likely scale and impact of the change.

Also delivered a recommended roadmap approach on how to minimise the impact of this change going forward.

Phase 2

Lead a team that experimented with the use of MapR to deliver a virtualised Data Vault on top of a MapR Data Lake.

Gathered, sized and prioritised data and content for 3 Client workstreams using Information Products approach as well as documenting relevant Business Rules.