Shane Gibson

AgileData Coach | Founder | Speaker | Author | Architect

What I Do

I help teams and organisations get value from their data, faster, with less risk, while having more fun.

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AgileData Coach

I coach teams on how to adopt an agile mindset and patterns to deliver data, analytics and visualisations. 

PitchBlack Data Ops

I work with some of the best independent people in Wellington to form agile teams that automate your data, code and platforms to bring DevOps to the data world.

We empower business analysts to create agile data warehouses using natural language.


In 2008 I founded a BI consulting company which I grew to become one of the leading BI consultancies in Wellington, New Zealand.  I am currently a shareholder and director of OptimalBI.



+64 21 620 690





PO Box 25338, Wellington, New Zealand