Shane Gibson

Founder | Writer | Podcaster | AgileData Coach | Architect

Big Book of AgileData Ways of Working

I am focussing my writing time on creating “an Agile Data Guide to Information Product Canvas”

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Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of AgileData, a SaaS data platform which reduces the complexity of managing data in a simply magical way.

What I Do

I help teams and organisations get value from their data, faster, with less risk, while having more fun.

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My personal consulting company, where I help organisations and data & analytics teams to adopt agile patterns to craft a new agile way of working.  Sometimes as a AgileData Coach, sometimes as a Modern Data Architect.

AgileData Coach

I coach teams on how to adopt an agile mindset and patterns to deliver data, analytics and visualisations.


In 2008 I founded a BI consulting company which I grew to become one of the leading BI consultancies in Wellington, New Zealand.  I am currently a shareholder and director of OptimalBI, but not involed in day to day operations.



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PO Box 25338, Wellington, New Zealand