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Shane writes an AgileBI series called “3 AgileBI Things” published on LinkedIN Pulse. This article below is a copy of “3. AgileBI Things – 2016-12-12“.  Shane also writes on AgileBI concepts at AgileBI Guru.

1. What is Agile

There is a raft of what is agile articles around, a lot of them discussing the Agile principles or the Agile disciplines. This is a nice article by Steve Denning explaining Agile from a different perspective, and it has a list of 3 things! – The Three Laws Of Agile

Explaining Agile

2. Agile DW

I know, I know a “Data Warehouse” is soooooo 90’s, its all about Data Lakes and big data now right? Well I am finding it interesting to see the big data platforms now starting to introduce words like security, management and data governance into their feature sets. A rose by another name perhaps?

But it would be fair to say that the DW of the 90’s were slow to build and required big design and build upfront. These days you need to be able to eat the DW “elephant” one bite at a time.

Great article by the scrum alliance describing some practises you should try and adopt to achieve this.

Agile Adoption for DW/BI Programs

3. Technical Debt

I always find it interesting when a developer takes a shortcut to get things done, but leaves a pile of technical debt for somebody else to clean up.

Sometimes it’s the hero developer that is supposedly fast and infallible, sometimes it’s the hacker (they are the ones who don’t do any documentation ever), sometimes it’s the script kiddie who has never been on the receiving end of having to run a production system with real users. Most times I see it when there are teams of one, as when there is a full agile team they seem to hold each other accountable.

I like this article by Scott Ambler describing technical debt.

The Spilled Juice Analogy for Technical Debt

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