AgileBI Delivery

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As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand how to deliver in an AgileBI way
So that I can deliver faster and with less risk

There are a number of Agile focussed delivery techniques that you should implement when deliverying Data, Analytics or Visualisations in an AgileBI way.

There are also a raft of waterfall focussed techniques, that have minimal value in an AgileBI approach and so should be avoided if possible.

The articles below provide more details on both.


The death of the 100 page BI Strategy

As a Stakeholder or Product Owner
I want to understand where the BI strategy fits into the AgileBI process
So that I know when I need to have it created

No Meetings

As a BI Manager or Scrum Master
I want to understand how to deal with ‘meetings’ in an AgileBI project
So that I can change the team’s negative view on collaboration

3 AgileBI Things: What is Agile? Agile DW, Technical Debt

Source: Pixabay Shane writes an AgileBI series called "3 AgileBI Things" published on LinkedIN Pulse. This article below is a copy of "3. AgileBI Things - 2016-12-12".  Shane also writes on AgileBI concepts at AgileBI Guru. 1. What is Agile There is a raft of what is...

Machine, Process and Human Generated Data

BI Modal Courses and Conferences When I can make the time I find it useful to attend conferences and courses. I try and mix up the things I attend to combine both events that are in the BI domain and events that are outside the BI domain as I always seem to find...

Agile Myths

As a BI Manager
I want to understand what the common Agile Myths are
So that I know how to identify them when they are referenced

The Maturity to Coach

BI is Hot, Hot, Hot The BI (Business Intelligence) market in NZ seems to have gone ballistic again with lots of customers looking to refresh their aging legacy BI technologies and reporting processes. It is being driven by a combination of the BI modal concepts...

Qlik Sense Desktop – Loading QVD

When using the Qlik Sense Desktop you can easily add Excel or CSV files to your new application by selecting them in the add data window. What I missed was the fact that this option also allows you to add a QVD easily as the source file.  Just select "All Files" and...

Trifacta – Wrangling Dates (and yet another open data rant)

One of the pieces of data we use regularly is dates. Every data repository needs the ability to view the data by day, month, year, etc. There is often also a need to view data based on holidays. Funnily enough, you would think that a list of data containing the NZ...

Guided vs Discovery vs Blending Information Products

I have seen a massive change in the business intelligence, data and analytics tools our customers are buying and using over the last couple of years. The advent of data wrangling tools such as Trifacta, open-source analytics tools such as R and visual exploration...

AgileBI Team

As a BI Practitioner I want to understand what an AgileBI team is and isn't So that I know how to form and storm one Building a self organising team is one of the key factors required to deliver in an AgileBI way. Creating a team with T-Skills and helping...

AgileBI Discipline

As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what AgileBI Disciplines are
So that I know what Disciplines to follow (and what Disciplines not to)