As a BI Practitioner
I want to understand what an AgileBI team is and isn’t
So that I know how to form and storm one

Building a self organising team is one of the key factors required to deliver in an AgileBI way.

Creating a team with T-Skills and helping them through the process of forming, storming and norming is a mssive challenge.

The articles below provide more details on how to achieve this.

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3. AgileBI Things – SQL Server Temporal tables, Changing Data, ODE

Shane writes an AgileBI series called "3 AgileBI Things" published on LinkedIn Pulse. This article below is a copy of "AgileBI Things - 2017-03-12".  Shane also writes on AgileBI concepts at AgileBI Guru. Image source: Pixabay 1. SQL Server Temporal tables, automating...

5 Factors In Agile BI

As a Stakeholder or Product Owner
I want to understand 5 things that will promote an AgileBI approach
So that I can include them in how we do things