As I have mentioned I have sat through a lot of presentation this year.  When I get bored my mind wanders.  One of these times I thought:

“I wonder if all these different BI company tag lines are similar”

So here we go, a selection of tag lines from BI companies:

  • Brighter business intelligence
  • We provide quality information management services
  • Data warehouses right now
  • Making information visible
  • The power to know
  • Business intelligence for intelligent business
  • Making business intelligence easy
  • Visual analytics for everyone
  • Business intelligence made simple
  • Think fast
  • Insight now

As you will see all keep to the recommended style of short (2-4 word) taglines  Most mention business intelligence and most have a doing or action word.

But as you scroll down them do any really stand out?  Not to me.

I remember when I was at Xero we spent an inordinate amount of time working through a tagline.  We never got there before I left, but after me somebody came up with “Beautiful Accounting Software”  Simple in that it says what they do and has an emotive term all in 3 words.  (what happens when they do more than accounting, say payroll?)

So I think the moral of the story is ignore most vendors taglines and if you are creating your own company/product, pick one you don’t hate without navel gazing for ever. Because it doesn’t really matter but you will look at it on a daily basis for a few years (hopefully).