I am obsessed with the idea of visualising Metadata. But more on that later….

Reading this article prompted some thoughts….

I often talk to people about cool or Innovative business ideas they (or myself) have had.

Everynow and again I meet somebody who mentions they have had the best idea in the world, but its so unique that they need an NDA before they would discuss it.

My response is normally a measured


I have talked to enough people who have taken a product or idea successfully to market, had people they know do it, or even invest regularly in supporting people to do it.

(Not to mention watching Dragons Den on TV, one of the few times I blob on the couch in front of that life stealing device)

Its all about execution not the idea.

Feel free to create a business plan, but remember a business plan at the beginning is a guess, you wont know what guesses were right and what guesses were wrong till you start doing.

Most often you can’t (or dont want) to do this on your own.  You need to inspire people to join you on a journey.  You can’t inspire them if you put a massive barrier in the way before you will even talk to them.

And remember if after talking to a few people (or a few hundred) nobody seems to get it.  Its either a bad idea or you aren’t articulating it right.  Either way stop and have a think, its not time to execute yet until you can clearly articulate

  • what it is
  • what it does
  • why somebody wants it

So today I found another of my many brilliant ideas stolen!

Managing your rewards via your smartphone

Well the guys who have stolen it have been doing it a while, they have built a product, taken it to market, got some customers and I have never even meet them.

So what did I do?

I signed up, cause I know what it is, I know what it does and I really want it.  Hell I thought of it!

Ps. Im particularly peeved they stole my idea about having my iPhone tell me what cafes are nearby and which has the best deal for me.  That was a piece of brilliance.

Pss. They havent stolen my idea of being able to see how many cheese scones are left in the cabinet from my iPhone, but I wish they would.