As you may have worked out if you have been reading our blogs for a while, we are big fans of the Data Vault approach as a way of automating the Integration layer of a Data Warehouse (DW).

In 2014, we sent a couple of our DW experts to Sydney to attend Hans Hultgren’s Data Vault course including certification. They came back raving about it!

In 2015, we convinced Hans to stop off in Wellington to run this three-day CDDVM Course and Certification as he travelled around the region. Check out the NZ role of honour on the CDDVM certification page

Hans is a Data Warehousing and business intelligence educator, author, speaker and advisor.  He’s one of the leading gurus on Data Vault methods and the author of ‘Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault’.

His course is an engaging three-day course, made up of 60% group exercises and discussion plus 40% tuition. The course uses real world concepts to make sure you are ready to implement and support Data Vault in your environment with a certification to prove it.

Like all good rock stars, Hans is doing a 2016 world tour.  We have convinced him to stop off in both Wellington and Auckland this time. And for extra measure, we have convinced him to come to NZ not only on his way past in August  but also on his way back in December.

The tour dates are:

Auckland – Monday 1st – Wednesday 3rd, August 2016
Wellington – Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th, August 2016

Wellington – Monday 5th – Wednesday 7th, December 2016
Auckland – Monday 14th – Wednesday 16th, December 2016

You can find out more details about the course here: Hans Hultgren – Data Vault Course and Certification

Get in touch if you want to join us for this one.