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When I embarked on my AgileBI journey I didn’t understand how much of a journey it would be.

This series of articles is aimed at capturing the learning I have gather over this journey so far, in the hope that it will make your journey faster and more fun.  I won’t say easier because in my experience any major change involves a fair amount of being uncomfortable and exposes constant challenges.

I also know that I have only touched the surface of AgileBI, and with every engagement I have I discover a new challenge and ideally a new solution for that challenge.  So my aim is to provide Concepts, Processes and Templates that enables you to focus on the unkown areas, rather than struggling with the areas that have been explored before.

In my head there are six major areas that I can summarise the many facets of the AgileBI approach into:

  1. Agile Overview
  2. Building an Agile Team
  3. Applying Agile Disciplines
  4. Applying AgileBI Processes
  5. Before the AgileBI build
  6. AgileBI Delivery
  7. AgileBI Engineering

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