constantly fail doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

There is a whole philosophy at the moment around fail fast and fail often. The idea being that by working out what doesn’t work, you’ll find what does work quicker.

And that finding out quickly that your product is never going to sell is better than spending years trying to flog something that nobody wants and never knowing why.

But at school we are trained to follow orders, to always achieve and to try not to fail.

In our jobs we are encouraged to achieve the tasks we are set with performance reviews focused on what tasks we did well, not what outcome we achieved.

How many people have had their boss say, great job failing in XYZ

How many people have been tasked with an outcome with the words, have a few goes at it and see what doesn’t work first.

It’s hard to do, but starting something new with a number of small experiments is a cool way to find the best outcome.

Think about it, how many scientists made their discoveries in their first go?