In a press release today OptimalBI announced that after being in operation for 5 years in the Wellington region they have decided to expand and open an overseas office, in the Caymen Islands.

OptimalBI has grown from a small company in 2008 that focussed on delivering Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence consulting services to Wellington customers, via a number of highly skilled contracted resources.  It has morphed into one of Wellington’s largest BI consulting services companies, with a unique Innovative style fuelled by coffee and a team that Rocks!

With that success and growth OptimalBI opened it’s new HQ offices in July of 2012, fitting out a massive 450 square metre floor in the old Asteron Building at 139 The Terrace,  With a flair for style and fun the two owners of OptimalBI, Shane Gibson and Victoria MacLennan designed an eclectic mix that is part minimalist  part American Diner, part Sci Fi and just a whole lot of cool.

But with a penchant for collecting the pair have managed to fill the office with both people and stuff.  So the next logical step was an overseas office on their journey for world domination.

Victoria Maclennan says “Everyday we would have new employees turn up not to mention 3 to 4 courier deliveries with toys from Mannequins, to metal animals and laser tag guns.  It got so crazy that we had to put a sci fi based door bell in to keep track of the constant foot traffic.  As a result we are out of space and need to expand”

When asked why overseas and why the Cayman Islands Victoria explained “Shane being such an Innovative genius that he is, it is fair to say he is a little noisy .  So we used some of our BI spatial mapping capability to work out the furthest place I could go to get away from the noise, and it turns out the Cayman Islands is multiple flights from NZ and results in a total of 60 hours travel time to get there.  So it was a no brainer really”.

OptimalBI plan to open a physical office in the Caymans to mirror the opulence of OptimalHQ (but perhaps not the clutter).  Due to the need for a dual purpose property (and also to have plenty of storage a learning from the OptimalHQ experience) an offer will be being placed shortly on this property.

To help fund this growth Shane Gibson stated that a number of new Optimal branded business will be initiated including:

  • OptimalRum
    So good for the tum `mon
  • OptimalML (Anti Money Laundering with less focus on the Anti)
    We treat your cash like it was our own
  • OptimalCruises
    Lifejackets optional (but recommended we are still innovating the boat design)
  • OptimalPhoneBoxes
    So cheap even your business partner will let you buy one
  • OptimalConeOfSilence
    Removing the need to relocate half way around the world to get a little piece and quiet.

OptimalBI is a member of the OptimalHQ group of innovative companies and aims To Make Information Visible.  It does this through:

  • Making data available
  • Making data tell a story
  • Making the story visible
  • Making shite up on a certain date 😉

Happy Endings!