Tricia blogged some interesting questions about SAS Visual Analytics today over at:  Are You a SAS BI Geek Seeking Visual Analytics Answers at #SASGF13?.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to San Fran SASGF13 to sit through the SAS VA sessions, but we are rapidly executing on our goal of being SAS VA experts in Australasia so we have some of the answers.

The first ones to cover off are the interfaces.

Tricia listed all web-based interface components:

  • Visual Data Builder It’s how you prepare the data for display.
  • Visual Analytics Explorer allows you to interact with the data.
  • Visual Analytics Designer allows you to create reports or dashboards
  • Visual Analytics Viewer allows users to view the report or dashboards on a Web browser.
  • Visual Analytics Administrator allows you to manage the environment.

These are all Flash based interfaces that are available via the web (browser) environment.  (Think eBI Dashboards)

You have to use the Flash/Browser version to build and maintain the content.

There are also two tablet based interfaces.

  1. The iOS version you download from the Apple Apps store.  This is a native iOS app, so runs on the ipad/iphone without using Flash and is hunky dory.
  2. The Android version, which I havent played with yet, so not sure if its Flash based or not.  One thing to watch out is the Android version only works with SAS VA 5.1, not the latest 6.1 release. So if you not an Apple fan, you will need to wait till SAS VA 6.2 until you get a version that is up to date.  (SAS VA 6.2 is rumoured to be announced at SASGF13, released in June and based on SAS 9.4)

There is also a plugin for SAS Management Console to manage some parts of the environment.

No capability for accessing the VA data from any of the other SAS BI tools (AMO, EG, WRS, OLAP, etc) but then as my view is SAS Visual Analytics is replacing the eBI suite overtime, not surprising.  Although I am expecting AMO to be added to the mix at some stage (all conjecture on my part).

So in summary for all us Apple fans who always worry about the dreaded Flash issue, grab the SAS BI iOS app and sleep easy.