One of our 3 values is “Don’t be dodgy”.  Its a value we don’t have plastered on our walls anywhere, we don’t have it framed as a picture, but we do use it to test things against when we decide to do them.

In the world of Search Engine Optimisation there are ways of getting your google ranking high quickly.  In the old days it was done via link farms.  But of course Google catches onto these things and techniques like these don’t last for long and often end up hurting you more than they help.

Its the same with shopping web sites, Dodgy stuff might work once but eventually you will put people off.

I buy the odd domain name now and again when we come up with a new venture to experiment with.  I tend to buy the .com’s through GoDaddy as they are cheap.  But their website has a horrible habit.  When I add them to my cart its advertised at say $10.99, but when you get to your cart it has added it as a 5 year purchase at $24.99 a year.

I of course change it back to the 1 year I wanted.   And of course some people might not, and GoDaddy makes a few extra bucks.  But its a dodgy practise.

So the next time you go to do something that might make you some money in the short term but is slightly Dodgy, don’t.

Your customers will love you for it.