infographicteaserAs you may have noticed we have launched Poli vs Poli, a micro website that shows a number of metrics based on tweets about New Zealand politicians.

Somebody asked me the other days where the Idea came from.

We had the idea a few years ago before the last election. But at the time advanced analytics (data mining) tools were hard to install, you needed big servers and you also needed extra modules (at extra cost) to mine text data. So we decided back then it was all to hard.

However once we had MagnumBI up and running, we could provision the Poli vs Poli platform up in less than an hour. And by using RapidMiner to do the sentiment scoring we got an advanced analytics engine that was affordable and text mining as a built in component.

So we decided this was the year to do it.

And the name?

Well as a kid I was a fan of the Mad Magazine, which has a comic strip called Spy vs Spy. So when coming up with a name for the showcase it came to mind and was the basis for Poli vs Poli.

Who knows in the future we might do sentiment analysis on different New Zealand brands to see how they compare!