agileAs part of our adoption of AgileBI, we have started the journey using the BEAM* methodology, to introduce Agile in our requirements gathering and data modelling approach.

We have used this approach on a couple of projects, and as Shaun has blogged, we have also done our first full day overview workshop for a customer.  All with great success.

So to continue this we are beaming the master of BEAM*, Lawrence Corr, to NZ to run his full-on 3-day course from March 30th to April 1st, 2015.

You can see an outline of his course here.  If you’re a dimensional modeller this is the course in 2015 for you!

We are looking to run it on 30th March in Wellington, and maybe later in April in Auckland if we can swing a few things.

Places are going to be limited so if you want to attend contact us or book here now and let us know.

You can book your place on the next Data Driven Requirements Gathering Course here.