Webstock is one of those events I have always wanted to attend, ever since it started when I was at Xero.  But for some reason or other I never managed to make it.

This year I finally sorted my shit and made it and I was blown away!  (and now regret not find the time to attend the previous 7!)

I was blown away because of the way the event was run and the awesome quality of speakers.

As I reflect the speakers were so different to what I normally see at conferences I attend for a raft of reasons, but the reasons that stick in my mind are:

  • They were experts in their field and talked with authority
  • They all had simple and beautiful slides, that augmented the presentation, but weren’t the presentation
  • They all told a story rather than presenting facts
  • They talked with passion
  • They all made me laugh

The guts of Webstock14 was interesting.  I was expecting web geek tech stuff with a bit of design, what I got was commentary of how the web tech geek is effecting our world.  The major underlying themes for me were:

  • The US govt is evil and big brother is watching
  • Venture Capitalists are evil and massive growth is not an ethical or sustainable business model
  • If you have a choice choose making something that will make a difference in the word some how

And the final confusing one:

  • Fail fast / keep going to you make it / never stop / quit often / everything should be driven by data / use gut feel first / ship early / ship right

There were some great quotes throughout the speeches, but my favourite has to be:

“If not you, then who?”

If I had to describe Webstock via a simple comparison, to me it is more TED than TECHED