I have worked for enough “big” companies that pay lip service to motivation, especially when it comes to renumeration.

As part of the sales team for these organisations it was often a see saw between a big carrot and an even bigger stick (especially at fiscal year end, when the sales guys weren’t hitting their targets, not that they really got targets set on any basis of reality, but thats another story….)

The consulting teams were often treated no better.  They were paid well, but often got phone calls on a Sunday night sending them off to a remote location for a project on the Monday (because customers always sign up for consulting project the Saturday before they expect somebody to turn up right, it would’t be a lack of planning by anybody else…)

Both teams often they got that age old line, we did ok and you meet your targets, but (insert team, product, sub company, location, country, global whatever here) didn’t so there are no (insert bonuses, pay rises, biscuits, real coffee, softdrinks, expenses, beer ….) this year.

So it was interesting to watch the video below on how money doesnt really motivate people (once they believe they are being paid a fair amount).

(And the other thing that is interesting is how the use of visualisation via sketching is so more engaging and educational thank words on a powerpoint, or some talking head)


I really love the theme of “direct thy self”.

If I didnt have a rule against dodgy motivational in the office (yet another story on what is an oxymoron ….) I would almost think of putting that one on the wall in the office.  (Mind you if it was on the wall when you first come out of the lift, it would be fitting, we don’t have a receptionist ….)