One of the things you often hear is people discussing how sexy or easy to use a BI tool is.

I remember when I was at Oracle and for my (future) sins was trying to sell Oracle Applications up against Peoplesoft.  We constantly got our arses whipped and one of the reasons given was that Peoplesoft was much sexier and easier to use.

So I often spend time looking at products we use (and ones we don’t) and try and determine why I think it looks sexy.

Sometimes the answer is so simple its not funny.  Take the following screenshot for example.


I was setting myself up as a new user to test a new hosted Yellowfin environment for a customer.  And after I logged in for the first time I got the screen above.

Yellowfin knew that I had never logged in before and had built into their product that maybe new users would like a little guided tour as the first thing they do.   So they ask the user if they would.