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Shane writes an AgileBI series called “3 AgileBI Things” published on LinkedIN Pulse. This article below is a copy of “3. AgileBI Things – 2017-04-02“.  Shane also writes on AgileBI concepts at AgileBI Guru.

1. Big Data Papers

I still hear people spouting that big data is the answer to any question and solves any problems, but in reality, I’m still seeing lots of Powerpoints and less successful implementations.

However, the lack of data governance and implementation patterns are finally being resolved by new products and revised approaches, and the use of Big Data technologies as a part of a modern data warehouse solution are finally becoming a reality.

Of course working your way through the raft of big data technologies is still a challenge. So to help here are 125 architecture papers for you to read to get started:

125 open source Big Data architecture papers for data professionals

2. V, V, V v,v,v,v,v,v,v

Ok so after reading all those papers, you are going to need some light relief.

Big Data all started with the famous 3 v’s, this tongue in cheek post (on Aprils 1st no less) adds a few more to make you giggle.

The 42 V’s of Big Data and Data Science

3. Extended Data Warehouse

For me, the next generation of data warehousing is the concept of a modern data warehouse where we break all the constraints we put in place on the data warehouses of old, most of those constraints driven by the limitations of the infrastructure and processes we were able to use.

Let the analysts query the persistent staging layer directly, create heaps of tables using data vault then virtualise a query layer to make reporting easier, load structured and semi-structured data into the same place and use a tagging paradigm to allow easy consumption, create microservices so you can swap technology and approaches whenever you desire, let operational systems query your centralised data repository via web services whenever they require, and I could go on.

Claudia Imhoff has published a couple of short papers outlining her view of the new generation called the “Extended data warehouse”, read them here:

Extending the Traditional Data Warehouse

Getting Your Analytics Platform Up To Speed

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