Shane writes an AgileBI series called “3 AgileBI Things” published on LinkedIN Pulse. This article below is a copy of “3. AgileBI Things – 2016-10-10“.  Shane also writes on AgileBI concepts at AgileBI Guru.

1. Ten Tips for DW Testing

Interesting article on DW testing from 2010 which states: “Data Warehouse (DWH) testing is a new and relatively immature discipline.”

I am not sure much has changed in the subsequent 6 years, but some good thoughts in the article if you are looking to make the change.

2. 78 Agile Coaching Things

Great article from a RallyDev Agile Coach.

Right now number 17. “Mature your Agile team practices before attempting to scale to more teams” is at the top of my mind.

But number 78 is still true for me “I love Agile.”

3. Agile Maturity Model

Nice definitions of Agile maturity using the common 5 step maturity model.

And there is an online assessment you can take to see how mature your organisation is.

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