When you find something you don’t like a natural reaction is to complain.

The people you complain to will often listen politely, but they won’t typically do anything about it.

(Unless you have something they really want, that they will lose if they don’t rectify what your complaining about, aka your a customer with money)

The reason they don’t change it, is they have made a decision to do something based on logic they think is sound or emotion that feels right.

Your complaint isn’t changing either of those things.

So instead of complaining be positive.

Propose an alternative to the thing you don’t like.  If they think logically it is a better option then they will probably do it.  (if they don’t you had shite show of changing it anyway)

Propose an alternative that makes them feel emotionally better.  They will feel better about adopting the changing and may be likely do it.

Worse case scenario is nothing changes, but you will probably find out the real reason for what they are doing, when they counter your suggestion with “yes but …..”