As I have blogged before I am a great fan of classifying what we deliver as a company by the 3 e’s of Expertise, Experience and Efficiency.

For me its a very simple way to focus a discussion on whether the thing we are taking to market will be “cheaper & faster”, or “better” or “new & innovative”.

In June we sponsored The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) to run a week-long course / workshop combination for the Optimal team and some BI practitioners from amongst our Customers in Wellington.

The subject of the course was to provide a framework for garnering and qualifying business requirements for Business Intelligence projects.

One of the things that the instructor Mark Peco outlined during the week closely aligned with the 3 e’s.

Mark talked about 3 types of key performance indicators:

  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Operational

But he also talked about them in the context of:

  • Strategy – Are we doing the right things? Are we achieving our outcomes?
  • Tactical – What work are we doing to achieve the outcome? Are we mobilising the correct resources to achieve it?
  • Operational – Are we doing the work well?  Are we executing a process the best we can?

For me these align with the 3 e’s thus:

  • Expertise = Right – Identify ways of innovating to leverage a business opportunity
  • Experience = Work – Know what to do, when and how
  • Efficiency = Well – Execute the process cheaper and faster

So the sentence of “are we doing the right things, via the right work and doing them well?” still resonates with me a few months later.