We are at the stage with MagnumBI that we will soon be starting to develop the web front-end that enables business users to configure their own data warehouse structures.  Its going to be based on a business model construct rather than a ETL construct (what business user understands how to define a flow that transforms data?)

So I get to get back into the coolness I miss from my short stint at Xero of wireframes and webdev.  (once we find a shit hot web dev of course, anybody got some hens with their teeth still left in?, our rocking horse seems to be out of ammo)

As I was logging into Xero (month end invoicing whoot!) I saw this login screen:




Now the interesting thing is that the login screen used to just have a login and password box.  None of the help info to the right.

This was a cause of a big discussion when it was developed, but the logic was that when you are at this screen you are there to do one thing and one thing only, and that was login.  Everything else was erroneous.

Obviously the thinking on this at Xero has changed.

The discussion at the time has lead me to read a lot about “less is more” and I have to say im sold.  But its much harder to remove things and refine something down to its core essence than it is to be lazy and add everything, everywhere.

(this also counts with the 10-40 rule in presentations)

So I think our first foray into real UX and webdev is going to be a exciting journey, all aboard! Shane