ODE – Just ship it!

by Oct 16, 2015

Just Ship It Already!

Steve Jobs said “Real Artists Ship” .

Ma.tt has a great blog about shipping One point oh.

And there is a loverly comment at the end of the blog that goes:

“A great entrepreneur once told me that “an idea without execution is worthless.” We can have the latest greatest widget in the back room on a sketch pad, but until we actually build it, ship it, and let the idea see the light of day, it has no value.”

Features, Features, Features!

The team have been working hard on adding features to ODE (Optimal Data Engine).  They have added release management, version management and the coolest capability to schedule and manage parallel data loads ever!

But of course we have a never ending backlog of features we want, automated loading of CDC changes, GUI configuration screens, Decision Table based business rules, fully virtualised SCD2 stars, and the list goes on (and on and on and on, ok you get the idea)

So one more thing……..

We have published the ODE code to a public GitHub repository.

You can download it from here: https://github.com/OptimalBI/optimal-data-engine-mssql

We have posted whatever we thought might be useful information here: http://www.ode.ninja/

You can ask us questions here: http://www.ode.ninja/qa/

It’s a version that required Microsoft SQL Server to run.  It also requires some techy nouse to configure and use.

Enjoy our ODe to the Data Vault!

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